About us

We are dreamers, we are thinkers, we are experts, but more than that, we are in love with science!

Founded in 2020 by a science student who is also an astronomy writer here, The Universe Moment has one mission: to bring science to the minds of every person on Earth and beyond (don't worry, you can go to Mars, we are also available there).

The Universe Moment is here to provide news and information on all topics of science, from astronomy to mathematics to biology to geology and so on. All our members have a great passion for the subject they write about. 

However, you as a reader can define us based on your experience. So, we are very glad that you have chosen us and hope you like our hard, but interesting work!

The Universe Moment will forever be a world of free science for everyone, combined with unique and independent journalism.

Don't hesitate to contact us and let us know about your experience. We welcome all opinions!