NASA receives data from Webb every day. 'You can't process all of them'. Watch our interview with a NASA scientist here


Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 21 July 2023, at 02:49 am PDT

In a world of the unknown, in a world where stars are born and die, where supernovae and black holes come into existence, the only thing we humans can do is to observe them and be fascinated by the universe we live in. The next part is exploring it, pursuing the boundaries further, and reaching new worlds and established populations.

After all, we are not alone, we have one of the best allies by our side, The James Webb Space Telescope. You were probably already speechless when you saw the data, images, and observations Webb performed. But, that's not all. Actually, everything you were able to see is just a small part of what this telescope achieved.

NASA recognized that. There are so much data coming that it's hard even for them to process everything. To mark the first year of science since the telescope began its observations, we asked Ms. Taylor Hutchison, Ph.D. from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland what she thinks about James Webb after this remarkable year full of amazing things and to explain to us a little about the image published by NASA on 12 July 2023. Watch our interview below.

'The JWST is so powerful' says Ms. Taylor. These words from a scientist, and we all know scientists have high expectations, mean that Webb really pushed boundaries further than what we may imagine at the time we launched it.

Ms. Taylor also admired that 'We have so much beautiful data from this telescope'. So, we must expect to see more amazing things in the coming months.

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